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Cooling The Home Effectively With Window Air Conditioners


When cooling smaller dwellings such as apartments, condos and smaller homes, a compact window air conditioner is still a very affordable and effective method. These machines work by removing the warm air from the room, cooling it off, and circulating it back inside the home. Using a compressor, coils, Freon gas, and evaporation, the warm air is dissipated and cooled. The humidity is removed from the air particles and expelled to the outdoors. Acting as a dehumidifier is another way that air conditioners bring the air temperature to a more comfortable level. Many units have this feature built in, like the Haier window air conditioner model #ESA3125.

The BTU listed on a room window air conditioner relates to the amount of heat needed to raise the water temperature. Smaller rooms require lower BTU ratings on the air conditioner. As a rough estimate, a 6,000 BTU unit would be better for cooling off one small room, while a 20,000 BTU unit could be used to cool off multiple rooms or even an entire dwelling. Units with smaller BTUs are easy to install, while larger machines may require the addition of a window air conditioner support bracket.

 Air Conditioner Window Unit

The cooling power of smaller units can be extended by closing all windows and placing fans throughout the home to more effectively circulate the air. For those with allergies, an air conditioner window unit is also an effective air cleaner. By passing the air through a filter, mold spores, dust, pollen and smoke can be trapped and removed from the air. Most any air conditioner window unit will help in this regard, but there are models designed with allergies in mind. The Frigidaire window air conditioner model #FAS226R2A features negative ion generators and electrostatic filtering.

Most air conditioners are wider than they are tall, and have sliding extenders on each side to best fit into double-hung windows. But there are sliding window air conditioners which come with vertical window mounting kits, like the Frigidaire #FAK124R1V. There is also the option to mount a standard air conditioner to a sliding window using plywood to close off the opening above the unit. A wooden frame is placed around the air conditioner, and plywood is then fitted above. Some people choose to paint the plywood to make it more attractive. Alternately, Plexiglas can be used instead of plywood for a more natural look.

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