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Finding The Rate Air Conditioner

When someone is buying a BTU room air conditioner they will more than likely be faced with many choices. The brand is of importance to some people. How big of an area can the air conditioner be used for is also something that must be determined. Will a 9,000, 11,000, 5,000, 24,000, or a 32,000 BTU air conditioner do the trick? To someone that knows very little about air conditioners this could be quite tricky. This article will focus on selecting the right air conditioner for whatever room it is going to be used in.

The size of the room is of utmost importance when shopping for a BTU room air conditioner. Just getting any big air conditioner will not do the trick. Getting an air conditioner that is too big will not cool an area efficiently. However, getting too small of an air conditioner may mean that the room isn't getting as cold as it could be getting with a bigger one. Finding the happy medium is key. The first thing that needs to be known is the size of the room. The height, width, and length of the room should be measured to figure out the area of the room.

BTU Room Air Conditioner 

A good rule of thumb when trying to decide how big a BTU room air conditioner should be is by calculating the total square feet in a room, and the measurements suggested above will be needed in order to get that answer. After the total square feet is been calculated then the number should be divided by twenty. This is because the recommendation is 20 BTU for each square foot. After the division of the two numbers has taken place the size of the air conditioner will become apparent.

Now that the calcuations have been done it is time to decide on an air conditioner. Since the calculations are done you now know whether you need a amor 8,000, ge 8,000, danby 12,000, an everstar 10,000, a simplicity 5,000, or maybe a haier 7,800 btu room air conditoner. The make and model is certainly up to the consumer's choice. I hope this article has been a help when figuring out what size air conditioner to get.

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