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Survive The Summer Heat With A Haier Portable Air Conditioner


One very common problem with a home with a central air conditioning systems is that often there are areas of the home that simply never cool down sufficiently. This can happen for a number of different reasons but whatever the reason may be, a good solution is a portable air conditioner.

There are other instances, however, especially in much older homes or homes built in places that experience rather long and harsh colder weather, where not much thought was given to a central air conditioning system when the home was built. The sticking point is that while some of these areas will get longer than usual cold weather, even in many locations, these areas are not immune to the hot and steamy temperatures brought on by the summer. That is what makes a haier portable air conditioner such a popular thing.

 Haier Portable Air Conditioner

Fans can only do so much, and often times, even with as many fans as you could possibly fit into a home without an air conditioning unit, you are likely to only bring the inside temperature down to what the actual outside temperature is, and when the needle is tipping higher, this can be quite uncomfortable. Another issue in certain locations is the increased humidity. Add some moisture to a hot house, and you have a place you would rather not be in. That is why turning to a haier portable air conditioner can prove to be a real lifesaver. While it is true that in many of these locations, summer weather is only for a brief few months, a hot and sticky home can make those few months seem like a lifetime.

Not only is a haier portable air conditioner a great way to cool of a large room or multiple spaces in a home, it is also very simple to use and fairly affordable as well. Most Haier units will consist of two hoses, one for air intake and the other for air outtake. You will want to run these hoses to a window or perhaps a screen door. These units are also equipped with auto evaporators and dehumidifies as well as several fan speeds and easy to use controls. Smaller units will typically run in the $350 to $400 ranges with prices going up with the larger rated units.

A haier portable air conditioner is a wonder choice if you home does not have a dedicated air conditioning unit. However, there are also plenty of other units to choose from as well, companies like everstar, amana, koldfront, newair, and dimplex all offer a wide variety of units and variable prices as well.

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